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The Coccaro Hospitality Group was created in 1974. Francesco Coccaro moved to Kelowna and established La Bussola Restaurant, still family run by wife and Chef Lauretta Coccaro. Their son Luigi added to the group as he opened The Curious Cafe & Bar Norcino in 2014, and Gather Restaurant in 2018. 

Luigi has now created Coccaro Hospitality Bonds, these limited issued bonds are accepted in all the Coccaro Hospitality Group locations. They are the perfect gift to give during these trying times when celebrating is limited to your small bubble and family.

These Bonds come in the $50  and $100 denominations and for the holiday season when purchasing more than $1000 you will receive 10% back in the form of Gather Restaurant Gift Cards. Each bond is numbered, dated (no expiry date), and certified. 

The Coccaro Family is proud to serve Kelowna since 1974 and look forward to add to their years of success.

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To purchase Coccaro Group Bond's please email Luigi at

Purchase's of a $1000 or greater and you will receive 10% back in Gather Gift Cards.

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